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Thread: Is blog on diet and health a good idea?

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    Is blog on diet and health a good idea?

    I like writing about recipies that are low calorie. Is it something that people would like to read about.

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    Why not...

    To be honest I have no idea. Me personally no, I would not read a blog about diet and health. I like to live my life unhealthy at the moment and have no weight issue or health problems. That may change as I am still young, on the outside. I have no idea what age my inner organs would be similar to. Also I personally think a lot of health and diet stuff is a load of.... I personally believe with nothing to back that up with except that I am very thin, that sugar helps your body burn more calories. I've heard somewhere that fat is needed to keep the body used to breaking down fat and also that it actually prevent digestion from attaining calories from what you eat. If you don't, then the fat cells will learn to produce fat from vegetables, and you'll get fat anyway. DNA plays a role sometimes, as the bodies dna is set to try to obtain a certain weight. Now all this aswell could also be added to all the different BS you can read about diet and health.

    Anyway, another way of rephrasing your question would be: Do we need more diet and health blogs?

    Well I guess if you have a slightly different way of attacking the issue. If not then maybe not but maybe still. It all depends...

    And also very important for me to mention that I have no experience with blogging whatsoever. So please don't listen to what I have to say and in general you shouldn't listen to people and don't do what people tell you you should do. If you make a mistake, it's your own mistake and not something someone told you to do. You learn more from your own mistakes as it's more clear to you why and where the failure part lies and therefore easier to pinpoint where the fault lies to fix it. However it's wise to take into consideration what people tell you to do. And depending on what you do, consider the risk involved and do some serious calculation on that before doing anything. Safety first and all that. I don't see any major health risks involved doing a blog in itself.

    Another issue is that your blog would drown amongst other diet and health blogs, and it's hard enough as it is to get traffic to a blog. Now that in itself could be considered only a challenge.

    Even if people yes you to death and tell you it's a marvelous idea, it might still be a bad one and vice versa.

    Personally I don't see any harm in making a diet and health blog even if it was to be a bad idea. It's just a blog about diet and health.
    Go for it... Even if it flops you'll learn from it, and it's better to regret doing something than regret never doing it in the first place, sometimes.
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