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Thread: Opinions required!

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    Opinions required!

    my blog is more or less like a newborn, and I'd like some review/honest opinion about it and its content!
    If anyone would be so kind to do so, that'd be very nice!
    Also, I'm returning the favor to all that will leave a little comment on there.
    Thank you so much, I need your help to improve!
    Lots of love,


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    How is your blog a newborn?! It's so professional looking! I have been blogging since last April and it still looks like a 10 year old designed it lmao. Looking forward to reading your content. Maybe you could check mine out to?

    All the best,

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    Blog review

    First impressions


    Crisp, modern, smart, appealing to a younger audience.


    1. Too many topics and it's unclear what your site is about, similarly Google, as your blog hasn’t a page description. Google serps (describing your blog) uses your blog url, followed by your blog url.

    2. The main section of fold content (the part seen when accessing your blog without having to scroll), is almost blank. This where your photo and short personal description should be, plus an introduction of what your blog is about, as you would in a meta-data page description, containing keywords for the audience.

    3. The first post is a promotional give away, when it should be about the blog itself, containing excellent post content to arouse interest.



    Interesting variety.


    Images to large, which requires scrolling down to read content.


    No sections, it meanders with knowing what comes next. From a giveaway, to poetry to a film review, it jumps from one topic to another without warning.


    1. Nevertheless, you’re an interesting writer, but using the pronoun ‘I’ excessively. The blog should concentrate on the topic and the about section remains the place to promote yourself. Writing in the first person is acceptable, but if there’s too much it sounds too self- promotional and becomes a distraction.

    2. Write about what you know. To those who have experience of recruitment and write about resume construction and interviews, your ‘job interview’ was basic at best and it showed. Applying to all bloggers, unless you’re a professional, stay clear on giving out life advice if you’re in your early twenties.

    3. Have you have access to your HTML, as it's bloated and needs around half of it removing. The page speed is slow with a size of 2.54MB and that’s because your images aren’t optimised from Instagram around an eye-watering 500KB a time! Use a compressor, or if you need to stick to original size and you’re interested, I’ll give you a free speed test site link that will compress all your images in the same size and download them for you.


    1. Usually, the biggest failings of blogging is the danger that personality becomes more important than the blog itself.

    2. Choose two or three subjects and stick to them and if there’s interest, widen the variety. With content on your blog, it should be all over Google and it's not. On another thread I’ve offered to write about the basics of that if there’s interest, yet at the moment there’s not.

    3. Giveaways: Why? To a few comments are important, to others subscribers … If people aren’t coming to your site that’s a blog promotion issue and if they’re not giving ‘likes’, that’s a content problem. Consequently, bribery in the form of gifts sounds desperate and can never be the answer to increasing whatever it is you feel needs increasing.

    4. Your blog appeals to the under 25s and if that’s its purpose you’ve succeeded.

    If this arouses interest, I’ll do a thread on content writing with links to free tools. If my threads get no response though, I’m not going to waste my time. 😊

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    Wow, your blog looks so good! Very professional looking

    I would also appreciate some feedback on my blog too:

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