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Thread: Blog post design

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    worldress has portfolio with image

    Quote Originally Posted by Jella View Post
    Hi there!

    I'm new here so thank you for having me!

    I'm working on my new blog and I'm currently designing my post.
    I have many photos I would like to use however I saw, that all of the blogs I have been to only use a couple of photos.
    Blog posts usually look like this


    But no one uses multiple photos. I mean smaller and bigger pictures, 3-5 next to each other.
    Do any of you know why is that?

    I think maybe it's because then you don't use up all of your photos and you can write guest posts with unused images?

    Also, If I use an image on my site can I reuse them on a guest post or that's something they don't like?

    Thanks so much for your help!
    you can try worldpress site, it has portfolio

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    Blogger handles photo galleries very well natively, you just have to publish them in the post to be able to display them in gallery mode and it's very fast, I have never found anything better

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