Foreplay is the most appropriate stage for early adopters of sex. Unlike in real sex, foreplay can transform an infinite variety of tricks. Blaylock • Johnson, an American registered therapist, says the main "enemy" that affects the full play of foreplay is the lack of imagination between men and women and the inability to communicate honestly with each other. This article summarizes 3 new tips for foreplay, enough to add more stimulation to your sex.

1. Let other sensitive points stand the " torment"

"When people are preparing for intimate contact, most of the time go straight to the point," says Blaylock. However, the most important point is that the foreplay stage does not rush to contact the sexual organs, in order to prolong the stimulation and mobilization of emotional time, which is conducive to the accumulation of passion.

Caressing other parts is more helpful to enhance your feelings. For example, when you start kissing, try to touch each other's inner thighs, abdomen, arms, and so on to see how long each other can endure.

2. Tie your partner with handcuffs

Handcuff for sex. Tie your partner with handcuffs to make some rough sex. If you are not cuffed, control the rhythm, depth, and twist. While if you are handcuffed, please lie down and enjoy the SM fantasies of each other. If you didn't use handcuffs, you can buy it from PhiloToys which specializes in sex toys.

3. Caress each other in front of the mirror

Men and women stand in front of a mirror, from the embrace, kiss, gradually caressing each other's body, or disrobing clothes. When people see this series of process in the mirror, they will feel so excited.