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Thread: Career in Modeling Where to Start

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    Career in Modeling Where to Start

    We offer many career opportunities for Modeling courses. In order to get a good career and settle fast, we have to choose a course which has many benefits. A career in modeling starts from Photo shoots then ad agencies after that you need not look at your back Of course you won’t have time for it too.

    There will be so many that are willing to join in this course. Modeling is the best and most of them wants to become a model. Modeling changes a person into an entire new world.

    The best career courses after 12th( ) will be modeling courses. Because of the Scope it is having in the Ad film making and also in Print Market. Everyone is interested to become models. The Main required aspect of it is Positive attitude, Broad Minded, Beauty and Some other Qualities he/she should Posses.

    Essential skills for Professional Modeling

    There are many essential skills that are needed for a professional modeling. Modeling are of different types.

    They are:

    1. Fashion model
    2. Catwalk model
    3. Commercial model
    4. Glamor model
    5. Fitness model
    6. Promotional model, etc.,

    Fashion Model

    Fashion models are used mainly to promote products (primarily clothing and accessories, but almost anything else as well). Here, There are two types of fashion models likes commercial fashion and high fashion.

    High fashion modeling is an art form of fashion. The photographer photographs the model in artistic themes that relate to the clothing promoted. The model uses their face and body to express different emotions required.

    High fashion is typical for work on campaigns, collections and magazine editorials for high fashion designers. These models are featured in high fashion magazines such as Vogue, W and ELLE.

    Catwalk Model

    In fashion, a catwalk, runway, (or) ramp is a narrow, usually flat platform that runs into an auditorium or between sections of an outdoor seating area, used by models to demonstrate clothing and accessories during a fashion show.

    Commercial Model

    Modeling is the best way to change our entire life. Modeling is done by a model to get their Offers in Ads Making, Product Publicity. For all these Models are required they give you 100% Output and sales for the desired Product.

    They attract n number of people with a single smile. Most of the people will get a product loved because of these models only. This Model Includes The pay she/he gets while working for a Brand or Product during publicity.

    Glamor Model

    These Models are special who will be having up to the limit to become a fashion icon for youngsters, These models are required to be in a Positive attitude, They have to take everything in a way that ever will be attracted by that model.

    Attributes that contribute will be Looks, Hair style, Attractive eyes and a lot more will make you a Glamor model in this fashion World. Where you will be starting your career as a model and end up as an Actress or Miss World or Miss universe.

    Fitness Model

    It refers to a Model who is having a perfect physique, They will be having this awesome and eye struck stunning Perfect Physique for years and years. This will be done by having a Diet in Regular basis, Exercise and keeping their health condition checked.

    Some of the models to be listed here:

    1. Michelle lewin-U.S.A
    2. Svetlana Bilyalova- Russia
    And a few other are there.

    Promotional Models

    These models are used for the Sales and Publicity of a product, if a model associate with a company or brand and make the Product go viral with it. Actors and Models are mostly used these days in Expanding their business most of the time. This helps the product to make that Particular product in International Market to free its wings.
    Modeling career requirements

    Models are the most efficient ones who will be having characteristics like Concentration, Dedication, Broad mind, openness are few to make you successful in career wise and other attributes beauty (Inner and Outer) Ramp walks, Photoshoots, are the major attributes that will bring to lime-light.

    The Basic requirements you have to fulfill will be Height, Age and structure and few

    For Women:

    1. Age limit should be between 16-21. The age above will be considered, but they pay and the Work you will be having in modeling will not be satisfied, Age below 16 can also do Modeling.
    2. Standard Height will be like 5’9” - 6”
    3. Bust should be in between 32” -36”
    4. Waist between 22” -26”.
    5. Hip should be between 33” -35”.

    For Men:

    Men are pretty straight forward. Height is typically between 5’11”- 6’2″ and men should be able to fit into a 40″- 42″ Regular Jacket.

    Modeling Career in India

    India is a Place where you can have encouragement in every aspect if they trust you that you will be achieving anything in life they will allow to make the career done with the help of your parents and others. So if you guys interested in this work then it is a welcome note for different career courses in modeling in India. They are: Modeling Courses in Chennai, Career in Modeling after 12th, Acting and Modeling jobs in India. Be in this courses and make your dreams come true in modeling as a professional models like Yami Gowtham, Model turned actors like Aishwarya Rai and all….
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