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Thread: offer 20% discount Coupon for SharePoint Database Recovery

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    offer 20% discount Coupon for SharePoint Database Recovery

    With Sharepoint Database Recovery software which can be easily affected by any internal and external problem,due to some system shut down, inappropriate database shut down and more other precautions.The software can easily extract all data and documents from the damaged SharePoint database.


    --> Effectively repairs SharePoint database to recover inaccessible information
    --> Uploads the repaired database back to the SharePoint Server
    --> Preview of SharePoint data prior to recovery
    --> SharePoint Recovery for MS SharePoint Server 2007, and 2010
    --> Compatible with Windows Vista, Server 2003, XP, 2000, NT, and 9x

    To know more detail info :-

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    SharePoint Database Recovery software is an external utility which uses advanced algorithms for recovering damaged SharePoint database. This application comes with the ability to recover for the situation in which SharePoint database unable to continue operating smoothly. Regardless of the event of corruption and cause, this application repairs SharePoint data with 100% accuracy and bring into operational form by not affecting data integrity.

    To download visit:-

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