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Thread: How Can I grow My Blog Further?

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    How Can I grow My Blog Further?


    I have an automotive blog,

    here's the link (i would love to also hear feedback on the site's presentation and appearance)

    I have had the blog since med-february, and I think that it has been going well as right now I get 7000 page views a week from around 3000 unique visitors a week

    But here's the problem, I have been stuck at this point for a while now, and ally me methods of growing a blog, syndicating content, SEO, social media is just not helping me grow further, that and Facebook's ever worsening situation for Facebook pages, means that growing on Facebook will be harder.

    So I have decided to come to you's O respected bloggers. How can I grow my automotive blog further? What things can I do, even reddit is plateauing off for me,

    Please advise,

    Many Thanks!

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    Hire bloggers. The more bloggers you have the more content that is being pushed out. You need at least 100 bloggers to do good numbers, or have viral content like tmz ...

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