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Thread: Please review my new blog

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    your blog site is beautiful

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    Hello everyone!
    I am also new to this blogging world.

    I would really appreciate if you guys go through. All suggestions and feedback are welcome with wide open arms

    I write posts at

    Thank you!

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    Hello! Completely agree with many of the comments above. The site is really good. Well done

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    maybe add some pictures

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    I have written a blog at you can check it out if you wish, it's a little different from most blogs, but any how take a look

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    I think the interface should be revamped. Can you review my blog? it is MrSimple88 .com

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    I am new web developer and I just created my website. Can you give me any suggestion?

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    nice one there
    let's see what it takes

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    Superbbb. Quantity and quality. Amazing blog btw

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