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Thread: Finding My Feet

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    Finding My Feet

    So this is the thing, I'm like a magnet for drama, psycho girlfriends and rough lads. That's pretty much me in a nutshell.

    Don't get me wrong, it keeps me on edge but it can be annoying as fuck sometimes.

    I'm not exactly a popular, interesting person, but for some reason there is always some drama going on - hence why I've decided to start blogging about it all.

    I blog about everything to do with my life, mainly about lads and the dramas I've had with them. If it's not psycho's I'm attracted to, it's drug dealers, drug takers, chavs and people on the run - I wish I was joking but unfortunately I'm not.

    It's pretty sad but my friends long for the weekend where they are guaranteed to receive a 'what the fuck is my life' text, because more often than not I've ruined my life the night before, losing my dignity crossing the street. They're used to it now. Thank god they don't judge me. Or at least they don't expect anything else from me.

    If you think your life is bad, I can guarantee you'll feel a whole load better after having an insight into mine. It's quite sad, but true.

    Take a look and don't judge...

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    interesting blog there, no judging from me!

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