** Sweet Dreams Media **

Support, monetization, development and protection of your rights

About us, or who are we?

Our main advantage of the most high payment for all channels 95%.
The opportunity to participate in the referral system with the rate of 20%.
Full protection of the channel: protection from gray signs, plagiarism, protection of copyright law.
The possibility of monetization of your video when placing on the other channels. The Batch optimization of the channel.
Free access to the full package TubeBuddy.
Training and assistance in the promotion of the channel.
The music library, more than 500,000 tracks.
Verification of the channel (when 50 000 subscribers).
The quality and fast technical support.
A snapshot of withdrawal of funds in various ways, Western Union, Paypal, WebMoney, Yandex Money, QIWI.

Conditions of connection to the Sweet Dreams of Media

To Your Channel on YouTube was connected to the Partnership, channel must meet the following requirements:
You are over 14 years, of payment (possible for persons over the age of 18. In the case if the partner has not reached the age of 18, the agreement shall be the parents or guardians).
Your channel there are more than 1-th month.
You create video and do not violate the copyright of other persons, as well as the video and audio materials posted to the channel.
Your channel is positive reputation on YouTube.
The statistics of the channel is not hidden.
The channel is fully decorated - there is a unique background image, the logo of the channel and its description.
At least 10 video rollers on the channel.
At least 1,000 views video.
If your channel meets the requirements established by the policy of our company as well as all the rules of Community YouTube in full, your channel will be connected to the partner program.
The main factor in the decision to connect your channel to the media network Sweet Dreams Media is the creative part of your channel, high interest viewers, as well as the observance of the rules of your community YouTube.

Technical Support - support@sweet-dreams-media.ru

Application for Connection - http://sweet-dreams-media.ru