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Thread: Fundamentals Of Responsive Designing That You Must Master

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    Fundamentals Of Responsive Designing That You Must Master

    Don't be too late, check out these 3 fundamentals of responsive design that every web designer should master.

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    A humongous number of mobile phones with browsing facility have already been sold worldwide. People now invariably use mobile phone for searching for products and services. A testimony to this fact is that more than 70% online traffic comes through mobile phones. It has become mandatory for businesses to target mobile phone users and thus implementing mobile first approach while getting your website developed has become so relevant. Mobile-First Responsive Web Design is a methodology for creating websites which have been optimized for different screen size of mobile phones irrespective of the brand and the model.

    The digital landscape has become increasingly complex, and such designs are required that is able to work across the entire spectrum of mobile devices. Mobile First approach is a philosophy that focuses on the need to priorities the mobile device while creating websites. There are some fundamentals of responsive designing that needs to be mastered by the designers in order to come with great responsive designs which have the potential to engage the mobile consumers.

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    Responsive web design is now crucial factor for each and every site because now %age of mobile than desktop is increasing day by day and the establishment of AMP version also very important now in days for light browsing of your site.

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