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Thread: Where can I find photos to use for my blog?

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    I like using Pinterest or different groups with creative content

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    Use tiny eye search extension on chrome to get copyright free images by paid sites like getty images or shutterstock
    Just right click on a picture and tiny eye search will show you sites who already have licensed pics from these big sites. Use them!
    Shefali Dutta
    Creator & Founder, La Altruist

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    I use

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    other than pixel, i always use freepik and flaticon for image
    Sometimes, you can go Pinterest for image other than Google
    They are really good
    Hope they help you as well~!

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    There is some useful places to look, thank you everyone. I also use Canva and pay a monthly subscription.
    Thanks again

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    You can find the gallery

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    Hi. I use photos from canva, it's not totally free but subscription is really cheap and you can also use it to edit photos, make banners, animated posts for blogs. Graphics and photos are free to use with a set of fonts you could choose from. It's a great way to start you editing skills before jumping into photoshops.

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    be careful not to confuse "royalty-free" with "free"; most "royalty-free" photo sites are not free

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