As we all know by now, selecting gifts on Valentine’s Day has become a task in itself. If you work long hours and don't get out much, it can be hard to work out where to take your loved one for that special Day. Luckily, there is a big retailer company that makes such things very easy indeed,
This year, the SM Gift Pass is an official gift certificate of SM Supermalls itself and we understand that buying Valentine's day gifts could actually be pretty difficult! So we've created the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift ideas hub in all in one gift that you can buy in all SM Branches nearest to you!
Your special day could be more romantic for her if both of you will go shopping at SM department store and buy her some of her girly stuffs such as nice dress, a pair of earrings, high-heeled shoes or her favorite cosmetics products and add to her collection of beauty set. If you are married, you can also bring your wife to the Hypermarket & SaveMore to look for groceries and kitchen utensils. After a long hour of a tiring walk you can also take her for a massage or hair treatment to a well-known spa’s and beauty salon. Make her feel more beautiful and lovely with his newly polished nails and don’t forget to kiss her hand right after seeing her out from the salon. A dinner date would be perfectly spent at SM Food court, let her choose, taste and share the most mouthwatering meals with you. I’m sure that these can make both her heart and stomach full. A last full episode of a funny-romantic movie at the SM Cinemas could be an unforgettable moment for her, sitting beside her while eating some popcorn and make her belly tied in a knot to some jokes and funny episodes of the movie can make her realize how lucky she is that she’s having a man that is nice and generous as you! 
To make your girlfriend or wife feel like she is really loved, you need to know how to spend quality time for her, take care of her and pamper her. Now if you’re planning to take her out, a bunch of surprises that SM Gift Pass can bring can make the day special for the person whose presence makes every moment worth living!
Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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