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    Cool Mind Power

    We can treat a person as an intelligent! …If he looks better and more than others in his wholesome behavior. For example …in intelligence, memory, in taking decisions and solving problems… etc.
    To develop this type good qualities, more methods shown in this book. These directly or indirectly contribute to person’s development.
    According to psychological principles …every person have infinite ‘psychic energy! Only small part of it being used. But, we extract maximum of it…we do wonders! Become marvelous and significant person!!
    How we extract this energy maximum? …It’s difficult to say one word or one sentence answer. Practicing several methods in combination…it’s possible to extract it maximum.
    Some selected and given in this book chapter wise. Each chapter covers many topics.
    The important topics covered are use full not for students – for the persons in all fields. Not reading this likes a novel –if understand and practiced…we get good results.
    I dare to keep these methods before you…after practiced them personally, experimented on many others, came to conclusion, these are result Oriented.
    I expect your response letter, After getting good results, understanding and practicing these .



    Methods to extract maximum mind power:

    One: ‘Sthitha prajnatha’ [Emotional balance] an Indian term. Originated from ‘Bagavadgita’ by lord ‘sri krishna’. It’s modern term ‘Emotional balance’. It’s presently an international focused item. People from different fields seriously trying to acquire it. If once acquired it…the intelligence and many more talents latent in us, come out un-expectedly. It’s clearly explained in chapter 1 ‘Foundation to success’.

    Two: … ‘Memory’, it plays major role utilizing our talents maximum.
    We do nothing, not get recognition- if we don’t have memory. Our development bluntly stops…if our memory and remembrance are poor.
    Cultivating some methods, increase ‘memory power’.
    Some are ‘ memory through association’, ‘artificial memory’ etc. These clearly explained in 2,3,4 chapters.
    Three… ‘Repression’, is some incidents lying in our memory range-but not come into remembrance when necessary. Reason is … resistance in our mind blocks remembrance.
    Negative feeling in our mind also cause for ‘repression’.
    Some times we lose so much by forgetting important things due to ‘repression’. Some times, it impossible to cultivate our talents to our level best.
    So…it’s necessary to know ‘what is repression’? ‘How we can eliminate it’? Clearly explained in chapter 5.
    Four… ‘Forgetting’, is common to every person’s life. It’s a boon and curse to human beings. Occasional forgetting of small things is no matter. But …forgetting important things always and diverting mind always from them is dangerous.
    We hear from many persons, they are with poor memory. They feel reason is …their faculty of memory is n’t properly developed.
    But, reasons are many for this. Inhibitions, drugs, lack of organized arrangement while learning…etc.
    Though the person naturally ‘intelligent’… can’t utilize his intelligence, inborn talents completely with forgetting .so , it’s important to know ‘why forgetting is formed’? ‘How we can eliminate it’? Clearly explained in chapter 6.
    Five… “Mental tension”, one of the obstacles to human development. It’s main problem to persons of all fields today. Causes…
    over competition, problems with changing time, anxiety, feeling of inefficiency, hopelessness …finally leads to ‘depression’.
    Mental and physical unhealthy ness form by ‘mental tension’. Makes man unable to use talents. So, it’s most necessary to relieve ‘mental tension’.
    How ‘mental tension’ formed? How it be relieved? Effectively tackled in chapter 7.
    SIX… ‘Concentration’. Very important to succeed in the field, we select. Total hidden energies come out with it. It not comes a single day . Practicing the methods given in this book … ‘concentration’ will develop automatically..
    In 8 chapter some methods for ‘concentration’ given . It unconsciously increases in habitual things without soul participation.
    If we want ‘concentration’, must have ‘attention’ . Physical and mental tiredness should be avoided . Then it Possible for utilization of capabilities without any expelling.
    SEVEN… ‘Mental state for success’. The back bone for winner . Many people always struggle with mental problems and mental instability. No loss appear directly. But, these make them
    Inconvenient . No interest shown on any thing .If we dig the reason for this, reason can’t found out easily .But this will make man hope less in the Course of time . Can’t use his talents maximum level. So, the nice ‘mental state’ is required for success.
    Clearly explained about ‘ good mental state’ in chapter 9.
    EIGHT… -‘ Development of man- the role of brain’. Brain is the vital organ among other Organs of human body . It plays major role in co-ordinating the other organs properly .It makes us use infinite energy by other organs .
    We may have desires in our mind …! May have energy to fulfill them …!!.If the brain unable to issue proper orders –we can’t utilize our energies and talents through limbs .
    Brain should work properly. So, balanced diet and rest shall give to our brain .
    For example …we may have a costly car! it may be more powerful!! But, If the driver is n’t energetic and healthy …the great ness of car is n’t use full.
    Like wise ,we can compare our energies to car , and our brain to car driver .
    After we know these well ,we can say , man can use his talents and capabilities well… if his brain healthy .
    So, we must know the structure of brain and take care to make it healthy . This was given in chapter 10.
    NINTH… ‘Meditation’. Presently an international popularized exercise ! Many physical, mental , and intellectual uses with this . In chapter 11, it clearly presented .
    Some results presented in graphs . ‘what is meditation ?’How it should be practiced ?’ different methods
    Of it were clearly explained .
    If practice ‘ meditation’ Continuously …different mental and physical difficulties eliminated . ‘self confidence’ and
    ‘concentration’ will develop . By this, it possible to extract infinite ‘psychic energy’ hidden in us.
    TENTH… ‘FRAUED PSYCHO ANALYSIS. Plays role bringing man to a significant position!. ‘There is will, there is way’. If have desire, can achieve it .
    So, it’s very important to know the structure of ‘psychic phenomenon’. Then ,we get more command on it. possible to
    Use it to top level in way we want .
    According to psychologists , “we use less part of psychic energy we have”.
    If Take our mind into control , can utilize it to the utmost level . Can do wonders! So, we must know the ‘Psychic structure’. Take it into our control .This covered in 12 chapter .
    The hidden total ‘Psychic energy’ can’t extract by any single method. But…all methods given in this book in combination used , maximum of it be extracted . Can develop wonder Memory and intelligence !
    When read this book , don’t feel “it’s difficult to practice methods”. first read, under stand clearly.

    Given in last page practicing all methods daily short time easily.

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    Cool Two Bricks To Success

    ( I.Q + S.P(E.B) = TALENT)
    If any body wants succeed in life … must be intelligent and talented. Every body always tries to be talented. In the way, following questions generate . ‘How to be talented ?’, ‘does it come by birth?’, ‘any other ways to get it ?’.
    To get answer these questions… must know first , ‘talent is one unit ?’, or, ‘combination of different elements?’.
    Combination of intelligent quotient[I.Q] and ‘sthitha prajnatha[emotional balance]’ ‘S.P’ or ‘E.B’ make person talented .
    So, it explained in this chapter , how ‘I.Q’ and ‘E.B’ jointly make person talented .
    Also explained about intelligence, comes out through ‘E.B’

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    Cool I.q:

    Natural intelligence comes to person by birth. Measured by ‘I.Q’. ‘I. Q’ is another name for intelligence . Any person shown merit in his work, treat him as having good ‘I. Q’, i.e. ‘intelligence’ .
    Passing examination , drawing a nice picture , solving a difficult problem , giving an excellent tune to a song using musical knowledge , getting success in business … comes under talent. Through good ‘I. Q’ .
    To Get success by person in one or all these …
    definitely, he must have good ‘I.Q’ . In general, every person like to have good ‘I.Q’. Get success in his own field . But, ‘how’s it possible ?’.
    Here, one thing to observe . ‘I.Q’ will come by birth . Literates and Illiterates have it .It’s useful to every person, lead his life successfully .
    A literate person write his earnings in his account . An illiterate … keep his earnings in memory using some rude signs .
    Here, both using their ‘I.Q’s In different ways. Literate through education . Illiterate through rude signs ….

    I know an old man from long back , an illiterate – but a millionaire. Occasionally, says his child hood experiences. .
    … “ I earned one rupee daily. Put in a pot! took a long string and made one tie for every earned rupee that kept in a pot .Thus ,I counted my earnings counting the ties to string . Number of ties equal to number of rupees”. Though, he an illiterate , maintained account clearly.
    In this way, every man fulfill his needs. using I.Q in different ways . Capacity to select successful ways, achieve goals… purely depends upon the ‘I.Q’.
    in society and working field.

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    Thumbs down intelligence

    Can How ‘I.Q’ can be measured ?

    ‘I.Q’ not same to all . It’s different with persons. ‘I.Q’ is more… ‘intelligence’ is more .Conversely ,
    ‘I.Q’ less ‘intelligence’ less.
    ‘I.Q’ is ratio between ‘Mental age’ and the ‘chronological age’ of person. Multiplied by 100 .
    Mental age x 100 .
    I.Q = Chronological age

    What’s ‘Mental age’ ? what’s ‘ Physical age’ ?
    Mental age means …assume a 10 yrs boy .His mental activities like …Intelligence , memory , creativity in solving problems. Judgment about good and bad . Decisive power. Equal to 20 yrs person … then his ‘ Mental age’ is 20 yrs. It’s the ‘intellectual’ factor.
    ‘Chronological age’ means …physical age . It’s the actual age of the person .If the age of a boy is 10 yrs…his chronological age’ is 10 yrs . It’s physical factor.

    His mental age
    The ‘I.Q of above boy = ------------------- x 100
    chronological age .

    His mental age =20 yrs
    His chronological age =10 yrs.

    His ‘I.Q’ = 20 x100= 200
    If ‘I.Q’ is 140 + - intelligent.
    90- 110 - average intelligence.
    50 – 70 - dull

    If ‘I.Q’ is 180 .- genius .
    Those people will come under genius .

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    Thumbs down The Characterstics Of ‘i.q’:

    THE CHARACTERSTICS OF ‘I.Q’: ‘I.Q’ comes genetically From parents . It grows up to 16-18 yrs approximately . Then it stops . After that, practicing
    some suggested methods, it can sharpened.
    [according to psychologists ].

    It possible to explore reasons for an incident. Have an Insight to expect future effects . Analysis and arrangement of reasons in order .

    ‘I.Q’ is different with Persons. persons high I.Q are innovative, inventive . Take first step to do experiments. Like Newton , Einstein , Socrates, Aristotle…

    Unique thinking ,novel hypothesis, Problem solving, creativity, anticipation… possible by high ‘I.Q’.

    Can’t expect good character , mingling with persons , good personality with high ‘I.Q’.(not in all).
    High ‘I.Q’ person stays Himself lonely. Continuous ‘mental storm’ and ‘intellectual struggle’. Face trouble to mingle the persons easily. Except homogeneous thinkers of his level.
    May be experts in their own fields! But …may n’t know behavior with others!!
    we see many lonely people with shy in parties and functions. If enquire into them… may be higher officials or important persons in some sectors!
    Those feel“ that we are high level persons , we should n’t join with low level persons”. They cover their ‘ inferiority complex’ and ‘ shy ness’ with self developed ‘ superiority complex’. They be caught in some unknown emotions. Feel inconvenient always .[we cannot say this will happen in all high ‘I.Q’ people]
    It does n’t mean having high ‘I.Q’ is wrong. Must have ‘emotional balance(E.B)’also .As no ‘E.B’ in above people, their behavior is like above.

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    Thumbs down Importance Of ‘e.b’:

    We already know about ‘E.B’. Now, know
    ‘How it useful extracting hidden ‘I.Q’?’. ‘How does it develop good qualities in a person?’.
    We can firmly say, ‘E.B’ is very important. ‘I.Q’ is part of it. When person have ‘E.B’, then ‘I.Q’ comes out. Becomes meritorious.
    See the following … ‘how far they true?’.
    If not know the extent of emotions to use…man use his emotions more or less. ‘Emotional energy’ comes out accordingly or stagnant.
    More emotions than need take us into control. ‘Or’ we lose command on us. Then ‘I.Q’ and other talents can’t
    be used.
    Over increase in ‘positive emotions’- we
    Become rage with joy. That time don’t know, ‘what we doing?’. ‘What
    Talking?’. Take every serious thing simple .So, we can’t use ‘I.Q’ and
    extract talents maximum level.
    Over increase in negative emotions(angry,
    Sorrow, un-rest, anguish, tension, turbulence… )develop, it effects ‘I.Q’
    suppressed in us.
    Not having any emotions ,become spiritless
    like a dead body.
    So, we must maintain balance between emotions. Not to be more or less . This’s called as emotional balance(E.B). By having this …mental peace, stability be established.
    ‘I.Q’ and other talents come out properly and utilized.
    You may arise one doubt ….
    “We say when telling the characteristics of ‘E.B’, the high ‘I.Q’ persons occupied higher positions. Due to lack of ‘E.B’, they’re lone with shyness in parties ,functions and meetings. When they lack ‘E.B’, ‘how ‘I.Q’ come out ?’. ‘How they occupied higher positions?’.
    Actually, their ‘E.B’ not at utmost nil. The
    Basic features of ‘E.B’…patience, tolerance, determination… lied in them unconsciously. So, they achieved their goal. ‘E.B’ established in
    Them unconsciously. Achieved their target. Like, it may not work at some times. This done timely. Here, out come of ‘E.B’ depends upon
    Conversely, once we know ‘E.B’, unconsciously we try to gain it. Once we reach this level, we get good results! we gain many benefits.
    Considering all these, we understand clearly…
    “ If ‘I.Q’ is more and ‘E.B’ less, ‘I.Q’ be under mined. If sufficient ‘E.B’ and less ‘I.Q’, it utilized utmost level.
    Like, people with less ‘I.Q’ get good results.
    Occupy good positions. People with high ‘I.Q’ not developed any field.
    By this, we can say ‘E.B’ important than ‘I.Q’.‘I.Q’ in any way comes through ‘E.B’. It conclude ‘I.Q’ is part of ‘E.B’.
    Importance of ‘E.B’ recognized all over world. People of all fields try to get it ‘by hook or crook’.
    To get succeed , must have co-ordination
    With different institutions. Persons and incidents happen in society .
    It through ‘E.B’ only. If lacks it ‘I.Q’ can’t extracted large extent.
    We must have good ‘E.B’. Then we can
    Make cash available opportunities and step forward. Man is a social
    Being. He must maintain some social relations. ‘E.B’ is essential for
    To put ‘inner and outer’ talents jointly right way, ‘I.Q’ not sufficient. ‘E.B’ also must.

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    Thumbs down Uses Of ‘e.b’:

    USES OF ‘E.B’:
    person with good ‘E.B’ develop in his selected
    fields. He play an effective role uncover hidden talents to peak level.
    Will have nice feeling, interest, taste, pessimism
    in his work.
    Will have stability in his believed principle. Stand
    Stubborn against difficult consequences and goal
    He have good memory. Express knowledge and
    Good experiences fairly when necessary.
    Gain tolerance, patience, determination. Ideal for
    Others. Mingle with all sections of people with no
    Differences. Able to achieve what he wants.
    Take good decisions with self esteem.
    Improve leader ship qualities.
    Know personal weaknesses with self criticism.
    Asses other’s which he work personality accurately.
    Get self encouragement timely.
    Be as good citizens. Bring fame and recognition
    To institutions

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    Thumbs down De-merits Of Lacking ‘e.b’:

    Can’t use his intelligence and talents fully.
    Can’t think analytically. Unable to understand
    Creates fear, tension, turbulence for every simple
    Problem. Hopeless ness and pessimism.
    ‘Intolerance’ and ‘hate’ towards others. Not get
    good impression.

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    Thumbs down Importance Of ‘e.b’ In Interviews

    Many people fail in interviews though they have
    Good educational back ground. Even scored good marks in tests. Reason
    is no ‘E.B’.
    We see some people with good educational back ground , capabilities. We feel “surely they get success”. Finally we know they utterly defeated!!.
    Reason is …lack of ‘E.B’. Unable to use hidden

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    Thumbs down Importance Of ‘e,b’ In Jobs:

    Some recruiting agencies , companies giving importance to ‘E.B’ with ‘I.Q’.
    It’s importance is more in management sector.
    Through ‘group discussions’ and ‘personal interviews’, ‘E.B’ evaluated.
    Some employers giving special training to their
    Employees to develop ‘E.B’. If employs don’t have personal problems…
    Their skill improves. Then the firm will develop.
    Essential to have understand on ‘E.B’ to managerial
    cadre. Necessary to have ‘I.Q’ joining jobs. Then, they need to develop
    ‘E.B’ also.
    ‘E.B’ is useful solving problems ,tackling clients for
    time being. We say it’s influence spread over every field in future

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