To survive as a successful advertiser, you must be intuitive, compelling and relevant to the query. How do we get to be exactly there?

Understand the competitors

Who are your competitors? How do they promote their ads? What specific PPC features do they use?

Be Relevant

Your ads must resonate with what the users have searched for. Your ads must ‘answer’ to the various search queries users discover your ads by. Let’s say you are an online apparel store and a user searches by the keyword ‘buy men’s shirts online’.

Features & Benefits

Why must users choose to click your ad? Tell them how you could satisfy their requirement by highlighting your product/service features. Show them why they must choose you out of the rest by enticing them to the benefits.

Call To Action

Your ad is the gateway to your landing page. Tell them what you want them to do (or what they could do) post clicking your ad.

Error Free

Watch out your ads for grammatical, typos and punctuation mistakes. Make sure your ads are error free.

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