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Thread: Advice for my blog

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    Advice for my blog

    I'm new to blogging but had what I thought was a creative idea to create a site. The sites been live for almost 2 weeks and the turnout is near where I would expect it to be with only facebook promotion and a couple posts on Reddit.

    One my issues is that no one is leaving comments on the posts. Let me step back, my site is basically a polling/debate site where based on the results I will have commentary. I have received votes but there's no comments or debates going on and the traffic has tailed off significantly. So I would love advice on what improvements I can make to not only continuing driving traffic and building loyalty but to engage feedback and debate.

    My site -

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    I have seen your site. There are two things that I would like to tell you based on the fact that you want comments on your posts. First thing is you should write a bit more in the beginning. And the second thing is to ask a question at the end of each posts so that there arise an urge in every visitor to comment. You can give this a try.

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