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Thread: How Do i get alot of traffic oon

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    How Do i get alot of traffic oon

    please help

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    blogspot traffic

    comparing to wordpress, it is difficult to get traffic in blogspot but try google authorship it will help you to get some traffic

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    You must first make your content appealing. Then do some SEO (search engine optimization) to rank your blogs for some keywords. Readers tent to find blogs by typing kws into the search bar, so if you want to get traffic, you must build links for it. Blogger blogs belong to google, so it is believed that ranking a blogspot is much easier than other platforms.
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    With time and work traffic will come. There aren't really any "proven" ways per se. Honestly, it's trial and error. There are ways that will HELP. Like submitting to search engines. URL trading, advertising with websites in your niche', google adwords, facebook and forums like this one. But you can't just visit the forum and drop your link and leave. Become a well known and respected member, actually helping people out. That is how you start getting traffic. If you have any other questions just ask. No question is stupid!

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