Hello World!
Rain Cloud is my pen name. Below is a short introduction of me.
Rain Cloud is working as SEO in NearbyExpress which is a US based wholesale and Dropship Supplier of Laptop Accessories, LED Watches, Oil Painting and other consumer electronics from China. Rain Cloud loves her present job very much because she thinks that it is good to practice her English and her way of thinking by writing the articles for the company. What's more, she can have a good chance to learn about the daily events happen around the world. One article she wrote has a good view which counts daily up to 723 views for only 4 days from submission. That article is "Appreciating Mediterranean Style through Beautiful Mediterranean Oil Painting" in Ezinemark. She has created some press room for the company on PRlog. For the product descriptions she has written, she likes the one with here own inspiration –M3 Magnetic Magic Miracle LED Watch. “When the watch doesn’t tell the time, it attracts us like women’s net stockings emitting the sense of sexy for the holes on it; when it does tell the time, it attracts us like the Lord of Ring with the magic power to show as the miracle of time for the sophisticate display of red, green and yellow lights.” She is proud of this metaphor.