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Thread: What is the Best Movie you ever seen?

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    Black Swan was very good.

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    May 2022
    In recent years, I've been enjoying Dwayne Johnson movies.

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    The taste in movies evolves through time. But I really like horror movies. The last one I've watched that is really noteworthy is Northman by Robert Eggers.

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    I agree. Slumdog Millionaire is inspirational and the comedy is a plus.

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    Hypnotic and Get Out

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    Love Titanic...

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    My favorite movie is' The Shawshank Redemption '. This movie tells the story of a wrongly imprisoned banker who maintains hope in prison and ultimately achieves freedom.
    There are several reasons why I like this movie:
    1. Profound themes: The film explores profound themes such as humanity, hope, freedom, and redemption, bringing a lot of contemplation to the audience. It tells us that maintaining hope in adversity is very important, and only persistence can achieve goals.
    2. Outstanding Performance: Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman performed exceptionally well, successfully shaping two vivid character images. Especially Morgan Freeman's portrayal of Red, his humor and wisdom left a deep impression on the audience.
    3. Exciting plot: The plot of the movie is tight and the rhythm is well controlled, making people mesmerized. From Andy being wrongly imprisoned, to his acquaintance with Red in prison, to the process of planning his escape, every link is filled with tension and excitement.
    4. Inspirational ending: Although the first half of the movie depicts the dark side of prison life, the ending gives the audience hope. Andy ultimately succeeded in escaping and realizing his dream of freedom, which also made the audience feel the power of perseverance and courage.
    Overall, The Shawshank Redemption is a film full of depth and emotion, which fills people with confidence and hope in life. That's also why I love this movie so much.

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