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Thread: wats your favourite lyric?

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    Jan 2019
    Wow definetly the new song from the preview of the movie that Lady Gaga is now releasing. It's Shallow - very touching and emotional, hadn't heard her music beforehand.

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    It's been a long day without you, my friend
    And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
    We've come a long way from where we began
    Oh I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
    When I see you again
    Damn, who knew all the planes we flew
    Good things we've been through
    That I'll be standing right here
    Talking to you about another path I
    Know we loved to hit the road and laugh
    But something told me that it wouldn't last
    Had to switch up look at things different see the bigger picture
    Those were the days hard work forever pays now I see you in a better place
    How could we not talk about family when family's all that we got?
    Everything I went through you were standing there by my side
    And now you gonna be with me for the last ride

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