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Thread: May I review your blog?

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    blog review request

    I recently started a beauty/skincare blog,and would like some feedback.Ty

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    Please Review my Blog

    Hi, I am pretty new to blogging but not to computer : ). Can you please review my blog and give me any feedback. My blog gives advice on self improvement, reducing stress and living a more joyful life. All tips are thing I have learned from my own experience.

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    Pls review my blog

    Pls review my blog...

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    Hey! Please review my website and lemme know any improvements or suggestions! Constructive criticism is always welcome!
    Shefali Dutta
    Creator & Founder, La Altruist

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    Can you kindly review my blog?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainyuki View Post
    Hi everyone, my blog is currently doing a project that includes reviewing the blogs of others and recommending them. Would you, by any chance, have a blog and would like us to review it?

    If you do, please post a message here with your blog and a tiny description of your blog. We will get back to you shortly.


    Yours sincerely,
    Hi, here's mine:

    Thank you for reviewing

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    I am new web developer and I just created my website. Can you give me any suggestion?

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    First Blog Post :)

    I've just written my first blog post on the topic of "gratitude".
    I have never done anything like this before and it's the first time putting myself out there.
    I would appreciate some honest feedback on the post, so I can improve my posts and make them better.
    Any feedback is appreciated Please check out the post on the link below.

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    Review blog

    Review my blog -

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    Hi there,

    Need a review of mobil version of this site: klxy net

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