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Thread: UOL Financial Management Tuition by Experienced UOL First Class Honours Graduate

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    Thumbs up UOL Financial Management Tuition by Experienced UOL First Class Honours Graduate

    SMS/ Call/ Whatsapp me @ 9651-5438 for Exam Focused UOL Financial Management Tuition.


    I am a First Class Honours Graduate from UOL who majored in Banking and Finance.

    Many UOL (LSE) students encounter difficulties trying to understand and grasp the graphs, concepts and calculations for their Finance modules. As such, I have devised my own teaching methodology specially for UOL students who are taking the UOL Corporate Finance / UOL Financial Management examinations in May. The exam focused notes and mindmaps which I provide, along with the guided practices in the tuition lessons have successfully helped many candidates to perform well for their examinations.

    Teaching Methodology:

    • Understanding concepts and application of concept to questions
    • Identifying exam trends and skills
    • Practicing a range of questions to prepare you adequately for your exam
    • Simplifying difficult concepts with the use of concise notes and mindmaps
    • Tests (outside of lesson timings) to track your progress

    Do contact me at 9651-5438 for a non-obligating session to discuss your tuition requirements with me.

    UOL Modules that I tutor include:

    1. UOL Introduction to Economics
    2. UOL Principles of Banking and Finance (UOL PBF)
    3. UOL Corporate Finance (UOL CF)
    4. UOL Financial Management (UOL FM)
    5. UOL Principles of Accounting (UOL POA)
    6. UOL Statistics 1
    7. UOL Statistics 2
    8. UOL Mathematics 1
    9. UOL Mathematics 2
    10. UOL Microeconomics
    11. UOL Financial Intermediation (UOL FI)
    12. UOL Investment Management (UOL IM)
    13. UOL EBIZ

    Thank you and all the best for the academic year ahead!!

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