Hello everyone!

I joined BloggerHub in the hope of learning from other writers, improving my skills and broadening the reach of my blog.

My blog is called The Squelch Tale, and can be found at this link: Squelchtale.com. I write about the radio communications hobby - geared mostly toward non-technical readers with a general interest in scanners, ham radio, police and fire communication, aviation monitoring, digital streaming, radio over internet protocol (RoIP) and a hundred other similar subjects.

I have a degree in journalism that formally trained me as a print reporter, but I've adapted to the digital information age quite well. I spent a dozen years in radio, both pre and post digital age, and since 1990 I have been a public safety dispatcher with the same company, which now earns me the dubious distinction as the oldest employee in the place, and I'm still in my 50s.

Anyway, check out my blog and let me know what you think about the style, subject matter and writing. I realize that Blogspot is mostly for beginners, so I intend to gravitate to a more sophisticated platform in the future.


Pete Miller