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Thread: How to drive blog traffic [When you are totally confused]

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    Default How to drive blog traffic [When you are totally confused]

    Traffic generation tips are all over the internet.

    And now you don’t know which ones to follow.

    One minute before you launch your blog, you can imagine the thousands of visitors you’ll have on the first day.

    And 1 month later, you are still struggling to get in 20 daily visits.


    Your blog won’t even last 6 months.

    The truth is:

    Getting your blog post in front of the right audience actually matters but it takes a lot of time.

    It even becomes worse if you are a beginner.

    The only life saver you have now is to come up with a strategy.

    A well-planned one.

    Without a strategy, forget about having visitors.


    Because that’s the backbone of thriving blogs.

    And a secret you don’t get to hear most of the time.

    The next thing you’d be thinking is:

    “Then how do I figure out a strategy.”

    After all your blog is lying down lifeless on the shores of the blogging sea.

    It looks like there’s no hope.

    But these 46 people are actually telling you there’s hope.

    There’s still a chance for you as a beginner.

    They are going to share 46 traffic generation tips that will work for any beginning blogger.

    Adam Connell from Blogging Wizard

    So here’s the key to standing out as a beginning blogger that generates more traffic:

    First, know your competition. I mean, REALLY know them. Figure out what they’re doing well, and what they’re not doing so well. Use that information to position your blog in a unique way.

    This will help you cut through the noise, but it’s only part of the puzzle. You need a content plan.

    However, the content you plan to publish needs to be ultra specific.

    For example, if you’re starting a blog on health – there are likely already countless posts about how to make exercising a habit. Now, let’s turn that “How To Make Exercising A Habit” post into something like “The Asthma-Friendly Guide To Exercising (And Making It A Habit).”

    … There you have a blog post that’s specific to a certain group of people (I call this persona driven content). Unique positioning and specific content is a recipe for rapid growth.

    Of course, you’ll still need to actually promote your content but this will ensure that you get far better results when you do. Want to learn more about persona driven content, and find a bunch of other examples?

    Read this post I published on Blogging Wizard

    Richard Hale from Richard Hale

    Great content is so important when you’re first starting out.

    You need your content to be helpful, visually appealing, and full of value.

    Make sure your blog has social sharing buttons and make sure the site is easy to navigate. Simple is better.

    Once you have a few articles in place, you can focus on traffic generation. I’ve been recommending Viral Content Buzz to my students and the results have been great.

    Sign up for an account at Viral Content Buzz.

    This website will allow you to share your content with other influencers and it’s a great place to start as a new blogger. You can sign up for free.

    As a new blogger, creating relationships is vital to your success. Viral Content Buzz will immediately get you in front of influencers that are willing to build a relationship with you. You have to start from somewhere.

    I can’t stress the importance of building relationships with other bloggers and influencers when you first start out. Be authentic, sincerely build friendships and partnerships.

    As you do, more opportunities will come available to get your name out there and grow your traffic.

    Sam Hurley from Optim-Eyez

    #1: Personal Branding!

    Grow your presence online via Social Media and watch the traffic pour in…Not to mention email subscribers and customers. Twitter and LinkedIn are amazing for anybody, no matter your niche.

    I highly recommend genuinely engaging and building a following on these platforms.

    Spend time helping others, interacting and sharing knowledge. Ensure your profile looks tip-top and tells audiences / prospective followers who you are and what you do. And how do you effectively maximise this..?

    #2: Guest Blogging!

    This is an incredible tactic for traffic generation. Start with smaller, lesser-known websites / blogs that accept guest posts. This will boost your credibility and enable you to work your way up the ladder. It’ll be a domino effect afterwards and you will soon be writing for much larger sites!

    The influence that it generates continuously helps increase your website’s visibility, in addition to building your Personal Brand. For the most part, reach out to website editors via Social Media…NOT website forms.

    This helps you stand out.

    Read the full post on The Income Blogger

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    I want traffic too

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    Thanks for giving this reliable information

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    If anyone wants to guest blog let me know.

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    I would like to guest blog on your site!

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    Thank you for the information and references to some additional sites on blogging.

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    You cannot expect to start a blog and on the first day BAMM you have 1,000 visitors. You have to start by searching keywords and writing content which is SEO friendly according to the keywords you found out. Then you have to start working on your SEO to get traffic to your website.
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    Thanks for the useful information.

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    Thank you!

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