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How can I earn Blog Points?

There are a ton of ways to get Blog Points. For simply signing up to the Bloggerhub Forums, you get 1.00 Blog Points (BP). For each new thread you start, you get paid a certain amount of Blog Points and for every reply you make, you get paid Blog Points. You can also earn Blog Points for referring new members. When you refer a new member who gets 25 posts, you get .50 BP. When they get to 100 posts, you get 2.00 more BP. In addition, there are always contests, dares, and bets going on where you can earn a ton of BP. There are MANY ways to earn BP, just keep an eye out!

What can I do with Blog Points?

A lot. First, at the Blog Points Store you can buy yourself forum features such as a new avatar, custom title, buy another member a custom title, donate Blog Points to another user (as long as you have more than 40 posts), and MUCH more.

You can buy items from the Blog Item Store by first picking out the item you want (don't use the shopping cart, that's only if you use real money) and then submitting the "request item" form found in the Blog Points Store.

You can also upgrade your forum membership to Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum with Blog Points. Each level adds additional abilities/features to your forum experience.

There are many other things you can do with Blog Points. Just use your imagination. People are forever holding contests, making bets and dares, buying real litems off each other, and much more.

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